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«Top Singles» - Social network for online dates

«Top Singles» - Social network for flirting and meeting new people

«Top Singles» is a new generation dating site and social network. You will find your perfect partner without spending hours on browsing others' profile. Just join our site and upload your photos.

New members

20 y/o, Virgo
Viciebsk, Belarus
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 18-90 y/o
34 y/o, Cancer
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 35-50 y/o
40 y/o, Cancer
Düsseldorf, Germany
Seek: Man
Aged between: 45-65 y/o
31 y/o, Gemini
Toronto, Canada
Seek: Man, Woman
Aged between: 24-85 y/o
50 y/o, Cancer
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 43-60 y/o
38 y/o, Capricorn
response.write(9610471*9737946), Kazakhstan
Seek: Man
Aged between: 34-45 y/o
39 y/o, Sagittarius
Obninsk, Russia
Seek: Man, Woman
Aged between: 35-45 y/o
24 y/o, Gemini
Alchevs'k, Ukraine
Seek: Man
Aged between: 18-33 y/o
21 y/o, Gemini
Kiev, Ukraine
Seek: Man
Aged between: 20-55 y/o
26 y/o, Taurus
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 40-70 y/o
55 y/o, Cancer
Orlando, United States
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 40-60 y/o
30 y/o, Sagittarius
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 29-38 y/o

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